The True Cost of Messy Client Data

Messy client data is costing investment managers $1 billion each year — and this figure is only rising. Managers are squeezed in a data vice. On one side, data sources and data volumes are exploding, whilst on the demand side, a broader range of data consumers are keen to see improvements to quality, granularity and frequency of analytical outputs. The ‘Excel [...]

Mastering Client ‘AUM, Flow and Revenue’ Data

A data transformation is underway in the investment management sector. Leading managers believe that master data management (MDM) capabilities — including shared ontology, semantics, governance and stewardship processes — enable cross-team data sharing, allowing them to outperform competitors that have failed to invest. Of all the data domains, client Assets under Management (AUM), flow and revenue data is arguably the [...]

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Spreadsheets Have Asset Managers in a Stranglehold

The investment industry’s love affair with spreadsheets costs millions each year and is stalling vital data transformations. In July 2021, Tim Harford of the Financial Times published an article titled ‘The Tyranny of Spreadsheeets’ that laid bare the potential real-world impact of mismanaged data. Pertinently for the investment management industry — in which the use of spreadsheets to manage and [...]

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Shifting to Client Revenue Business Performance Metrics

The asset management industry needs to shift from assets under management (AUM) and Flow to client revenue business performance metrics. In any industry, but particularly for asset and wealth management, the perception of business performance by clients, sales teams, business units, and marketing campaigns varies significantly depending on the metric used. Yet, insufficient consideration is often given to how suitable [...]

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