The Challenges of Client Revenue

Client and sales assets under management (AUM) and flows can throw up dozens of false positives and negatives as indicators of business performance. So, why are so many sales managers still relying on these metrics? Effecting a shift to calculating and publishing client revenue metrics on a production basis is complex and difficult to achieve. Below, we have explored five [...]

Shifting to Client Revenue Business Performance Metrics

The asset management industry needs to shift from assets under management (AUM) and Flow to client revenue business performance metrics. In any industry, but particularly for asset and wealth management, the perception of business performance by clients, sales teams, business units, and marketing campaigns varies significantly depending on the metric used. Yet, insufficient consideration is often given to how suitable [...]

Zombie Rebates: An Escape Route for Asset Managers (2/2)

Aiviq previously spoke about how zombie rebates can ruin asset managers’ reputations and relationships with their clientsZombie Rebates Ruin Relationships and Reputations, highlighting the hidden cost of complex distribution networks that managers have built over time. We looked specifically at the cost of inaccurate distributor payments, such as trailer fees, retrocessions, commissions and rebates, that cost managers $220 million each [...]

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What are zombie rebates and how to stop them

Asset managers have woven complex networks with national and regional distribution partners over many years. The lifeblood that sustains these networks is distributor payments, such as trailer fees, retrocessions, commissions, and rebates. A typical asset manager also unknowingly accumulates ‘zombie’ rebates, i.e. payment liabilities lurking outside of financial accounts due to incorrect calculations. These rebates rise from the dead to [...]

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