Boutique Investment Firms

Digital engagement and client analytics capabilities typically remain out of reach for smaller firms.

Our solutions level the playing field for single-region investment managers with boutique propositions — democratising technology and data to dramatically reduce sales, service and reporting costs.

Boutique Investment Firms

Key benefits

We help customers codify critical sales and client data so that they can succeed at scale

Knowledge of sales leads, deal pipelines, account structures and client servicing needs is hard-won and often in the hands of your most valuable people. Our solutions codify know-how, drive deep analytics, automate processes and facilitate growth.

A single technology and data platform that sidesteps expensive integrations

Our modular solutions simplify your technology stack by consolidating data, workflow and analytics in one place. Working with our industry-proven platform means you can focus scarce resources where it matters and sidestep costly vendor integration costs.

Grow and monitor intermediary relationships with your key clients and distributors

Your business is defined by the commercial relationships you establish with key institutional investors, distributors and advisors. We build clients a single client view of AUM and flow across all their market data, placing this at the heart of the CRM user experience.

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