Client Services & Operations

To effectively service clients, managers need a platform that can bring back answers to their queries in seconds rather than hours.

At Aiviq, we codify commercial terms, curate client data rooms and automate client reporting to enable better servicing with fewer resources.

Client Services & Operations

Key benefits

Streamline and govern agreement onboarding

Our agreement onboarding workflows can integrate with CRM, transfer agents and legal solutions to finally dispatch with unaudited email approvals, ad hoc file sharing and costly process delays.

Make informed fee and rebate commercial decisions

With the ability to set up and dynamically maintain all your client financial terms in a single interface, our solutions integrate with AUM and flow solutions to calculate client net revenue, rebates and more.

Win back time with client service automation

Our reporting dashboards serve client services teams as well as end-investors, providing tailored analytics of holdings, flows, distributions and performance — with an emphasis on digital self-service.

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