CRM & Client Data Management

Investment managers grapple with a whole world of data used to describe and engage with leads and client contacts.

Our CRM & Client Data Management solutions integrate natively with your Client AUM & Flow data to automate workflows and provide intuitive analytics at the fingertips of sales, client services and client data specialists.

CRM & Client Data Management

Key benefits

Integrate client AUM and flow across the CRM

Natural leads, increased sales effectiveness and documents complex client relationships. Our integrated CRM places client financials at its core so that your teams can focus on revenue generation, making proactive decisions based on the latest investment activity.

Use our industry-leading data model to analyse client relationships

Describing different client types, influencer relationships or account hierarchies in data can be anything but simple. The client data model that sits at the heart of the Aiviq platform is built for our industry by experts who have first-hand experience tackling these advanced use cases.

Automate and govern account matching and client record mastering

With hundreds of sources of client data across our industry, automating stewardship and matching workflows to gain company-wide consensus around a single world view is paramount. Our data solutions include master data management (MDM) features such as cleansing, deduplication, matching and merging rule sets that turn disparate data into comprehensive datasets.

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