Hedge Funds & Alternative Managers

Hedge funds and alternatives managers need elegant and integrated CRM, digital servicing and reporting solutions.

These solutions help them generate operational alpha for their investors and advisors — all from a single platform.

Hedge Funds & Alternative Managers

Key benefits

The single source for investor data

Regardless of whether you are a portfolio manager, investment analyst, operations manager or risk specialist, the Aiviq platform is architected to offer you a one-stop, modular solution that covers all your investor onboarding, servicing and reporting needs across the product lifecycle.

Digitise subscriptions to grow assets

Digitise and streamline your subscription and KYC process with Aiviq SmartDocs. Our automatically generated subscription documents and KYC forms with e-signatures eliminate errors and omissions, cut down paperwork and processing times, and simplify compliance.

Combine your CRM and investor portal

Close deals faster with a prospect portal and a financial CRM that offer a wide range of features to help sales and financial professionals track investors and portfolios. Aiviq’s interactive investor portals cater specifically to your client types — from prospects to established clients.

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