Product & Investments

Whether you are launching new funds or making strategic decisions about existing ones, product functions need detailed investor analytics.

Without these analytics, how can you shine a light on top fundholders and assets at risk of redemption, as well as demonstrate good product governance and suitability?

Products & Investments

Key benefits

Informed proposition and pricing decisions

For proposition teams looking to differentiate in crowded investment sectors, having the right data to make decisions across the product lifecycle is critical. The Aiviq platform can help you make informed decisions about pricing strategy, identify breakeven points at different asset levels and put this in the context of your wider fund universe.

Demonstrate good product governance and lower operational risk

Our threshold-based controls monitor investor flow patterns and asset concentration automatically — replacing manual data analysis and unaudited escalation procedures and putting the workflow in place to ensure potential governance or liquidity events are identified early and handled appropriately.

Get AUM, flow and revenue analytics that make sense however you view product

For managers with large internal or institutional portfolios, a worldview at mandate level does not tell the whole story. With our solution, portfolio managers, investment directors and fund managers can quickly drill through segregated portfolio hierarchies, track commingled money and even split out committed capital in illiquid asset classes.

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