Risk & Regulatory Reporting

Across jurisdictions, investment managers are increasingly under pressure to demonstrate that they understand who is invested in their funds and which distributors are selling them.

Aiviq specialises in generating reliable, timely investor transparency data and risk metrics that help management companies, investment managers and risk and compliance functions demonstrate clear oversight of the products they sell.

Risk & Regulatory Reporting

Key benefits

Demonstrate oversight over fund liquidity and investor concentration

Across the US, Europe and the UK, it is becoming increasingly crucial for investment managers to demonstrate proactive oversight of fund liquidity, including investor concentration. At Aiviq, we break down sub-registers and map out investor types, categories and locations to define risk calculations that enable automated, clear fund governance reporting.

Monitor rebate-driven cash accruals and liabilities

Across the industry, poor fee and rebate management are leading to major internal audit findings and risk points for financial controllers, with weak liability management throwing out cash flow monitoring and external reporting. At Aiviq, we can help you reduce operational risk by solving repeat pain points such as tracking of new, unlinked accounts and funds, managing expiring terms and weeding out discrepancies in fee calculation methodologies.

Comply with regulatory standards like IFPR and K-factor requirements

With the introduction of the new Investment Firms Prudential Regime (IFPR), regulated firms are now obligated to calculate risk parameters (K factors) that quantify the risks they pose to the market, customers and themselves. Our reporting solutions help ensure that capital requirements are adhered to by providing accurate, auditable calculations for AUM, flow, revenue concentration and more.

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