Sales & Business Development

Sales managers need well-defined performance indicators that track whether strategies, campaigns and teams are successful.

The Aiviq platform helps you systematically improve decision-making across the whole sales organisation — from fee decisions for new distributors all the way through to shaping global sales strategy.

Sales & Business Development

Key benefits

Optimise sales strategy and measure impact on net sales

Define dynamic, measurable performance indicators to track strategic objectives and monitor the success of campaigns and client engagement to help you win business. Analyse net new money (NNM) and forecast revenue from flows in focus funds, target segments or other key sales goals.

Improve client relationship profitability

Manage and approve fees, tiering and account-planning decisions within a single scenario-planning interface. Start making data-driven commercial decisions throughout the contract lifecycle to arrive at client net revenue and profitability and avoid overservicing.

Increase the effectiveness of your sales teams

Deploy and monitor your sales resources across teams, countries and channels with detailed flow reporting and trade attribution based on client transparency data. Move away from email-based trade claiming and manual account-matching workflows to understand where investor inflows originate.

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