As the race to the cloud continues, asset managers are rapidly transitioning to cloud-based solutions to improve scalability, reduce costs, and leverage the latest technologies. However, cloud platforms alone cannot address all of the complex data challenges that organisations face.

While they offer benefits like availability and development efficiency, critical datasets often require specialised data models, rules, and processes beyond the cloud infrastructure. Nonetheless, the cloud’s true potential lies in fostering Fintech innovation and enabling a plethora of new Software as a Service (SaaS) products that were previously unattainable.

Managed ‘Data as a Service’ Solutions in Asset Management:

Managed ‘Data as a Service’ (mDaaS) solutions have emerged as a transformative approach for asset management firms. They provide numerous benefits, a lot of them related to increasing IT teams efficiency when building or updating data dashboards, reduced deployment times for new instances, quicker turnaround times on connector changes, more frequent product releases, and leveraging years of expertise to optimise data outcomes.

Aiviq, a leading mDaaS provider, exemplifies these advantages with real-world success stories in asset management.

Aiviq Cloud Data Managed Services

Unlocking Opportunities:

● Cheaper, Faster, and Higher Quality Data: mDaaS empowers asset managers with cost-efficient access to high-quality data, eliminating the need for extensive data infrastructure investments.

● Mutual Data Standards: With mDaaS, asset managers and service providers can collaboratively establish data standards, ensuring seamless data exchange and interoperability.

 Empowering IT: mDaaS enables IT teams to build powerful applications with confidence, including interactive dashboards, ML models, predictive analytics, and cross-functional data flows between departments like finance and distribution.

 Increased Operational Efficiency: By reducing key person dependencies, legacy technology, and shifting data maintenance to the mDaaS provider’s strategic roadmap, asset managers can focus on core business functions.

“My team is solely focused on this data and the use cases it supports. The automation across the platform means we need far fewer (x%) resources than managers to steward the same data, while also providing better quality.” Adrian RyanHead of Data Management at Aiviq. 

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